Why Tom Brady is the Best Quarterback of All-Time

The greatest quarterback of all time is a title that Tom Brady clearly has earned after his miraculous comeback in Super Bowl LI over the Atlanta Falcons. If there was any debate over this place in history before Brady’s victory over the Falcons, the debate is simply over at this point. Brady has succeeded at the quarterback position at a level that no one else has ever reached. His number of Super Bowl titles, his record during those seasons, and his career statistics are just part of the reason why you can’t deny him the title of greatest quarterback ever.

For starters Tom Brady has five Super Bowl rings. Only one other player, Charles Haley can make that claim. He is the only quarterback to achieve this title. The closest quarterbacks to Brady would be Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, who each have four rings. Five Super Bowl wins is pretty incredible. Some of the best quarterbacks ever have never won a title. Dan Marion, Jim Kelly, Dan Fouts and Warren Moon are just a few. To win this many times during such a competitive era is pretty impressive.

When it comes to playing in the playoffs, Tom Brady’s statistics are as good as anyones. Statistics are clear, Brady is the greatest postseason quarterback in NFL history. It’s really not even close. Tom Brady has more passing yards in the playoffs than any other quarterback, 8,628. He has sixty one touchdowns and more than eight hundred completions. Brady is the leader in all of these categories and if he plays three more years, as he has stated he wants to, he could put himself so far out in front that no one will ever be able to catch him.

Brady’s Super Bowl statistics are just as impressive. Tom has been to more Super Bowls than any other quarterback with seven. This is impressive considering he has played 17 seasons. The first season he was the back up the entire season to Drew Bledsoe. In 2008 Brady tore his acl in the first game and didn’t play the rest of the year. That basically means he played in 15 seasons. With 7 Super Bowl appearances that’s basically an average of a Super Bowl every other season. He also is the leader now in Super Bowl wins 5, MVP’s with 4 and single game completions with 43. He has quite simply been dominant in the big game.

Brady’s case as the best quarterback of all time gained considerable ground after his performance in Super Bowl LI. Tom Brady engineered what is considered the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Down 28-3 in the third quarter, Brady was able to lead his team to 34 straight points, including overtime to come back and defeat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28. Brady was outstanding bringing his team back. The Patriots converted two, two point conversions in a row in order to complete the comeback. Brady was clearly driven to win another title.

There have been a lot of great quarterbacks in NFL history. Everyone from Montana and Bradshaw have made their impact on NFL history. Tom Brady’s record in the playoffs and Super Bowl however make him the clear cut choice for the greatest of all time. With three years possibly left to play, Brady should continue to add his incredible legacy.

Paul Johnson

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