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Football Betting FAQ

Placing your bets to make the game more enjoyable, and perhaps more thrilling is great. Betting on your favorite team can even give you that adrenaline rush with each and every play from beginning to end. However, before you place your bets it is critical to know the rules of the betting game. In this way you will know when you win, and understand it should you lose.

Understanding the spread
Therefore, we will start with the simplest item in football gambling, the spread. We have all seen this in a sports section of the newspaper, and it typically looks something like this: Cowboys +7.5 Giants -7.5. So, what does this mean? Put simply this figure means that the Cowboys are favored by 7.5 points, and taking the Cowboys in the game means to win the bet they will have to win by 8 or more points. Therefore, if the end of the game score was Cowboys 10 Giants 3, and you took the Cowboys you would lose. However, if they shut the Giants out you would win. Obviously, if you took the Giants with a final of 10-3 you would win.

Why the half point?
A bookie, or the person placing the bets will make a half a point as a way of increasing the difficulty to win. It is the same as a casino using multiple decks in blackjack, for instance. As an example, if the spread in the above example was 7, and you took the Cowboys in the 10-3 final you would have tied, as opposed to lose. Basically, by adding the half a point to the spread is a way for the bookie, who is essentially “the house”, to create an advantage.

Betting the Over/Under.
In football, as in other sports betting, you have the ability to do what is called, “betting the over/under”. What this refers to is your betting on the combined final score of the game. Therefore, using last week’s game with the Cowboys and the Eagles, if the over was at 45 then with the final combined at 52 (29 to 23) you would win. However, should the final had wound up 23-20, the total would have only been 43, and you would have lost.

How do I make real money?
To make the real money you can always do what is called, “parlay” your bets. Essentially, this is like “letting it ride” in the casino. Basically you are betting two or more teams on a single ticket, and this is an attempt to make you serious cash. However, this does have some risks associated with it too, as in the parlay in order to win all your selected teams must win, or push (tie). Granted if they do tie your teams in your parlay will be reduced, and hence your total payout will be less. However, this does beat the alternative of one of your parlay teams losing, as if this occurs your total parlay loses as well.

When gambling it is always important to remember there is no such thing as a sure thing. However, using logic, intelligence, and reason you should always be able to balance a winning strategy, and overall enjoyment of the game. All of this done right to increase the overall thrill that is the football season.